Rasmus Tikkanen

Warhol Collage - 0
Warhol Collage - 1
Warhol Collage
150 EUR
Printed "Andy Warhol Collage" picture on 200gr high quality aquarelle paper. Size 100x70cm. Fits most frames sold at art, decor, and home supply stores. Ships in a tube via post. Delivey time aprox 2 weeks.

"This is an original painting I did 2013 by connecting small parts of various Andy Warhol screens into a big collage. I cut out pages of ART -magazine (a big pile of magazines that had been laying around in our garage for 30 years, my mother used to subscribe it back in the 70´s...) Then I glued the cut out pages randomly on canvas and painted the rest to connect all paintings! This is a series of collages incl. Picasso, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh." -Rasmus