Rasmus Tikkanen

The Human, the Orchid, the Octopus - 0
The Human, the Orchid, the Octopus - 1
The Human, the Orchid, the Octopus
120 EUR
Printed Jacques-Yves Cousteau "The Human, the Orchid, the Octopus" picture on 220gr high quality aquarelle paper. Print size 70x100cm. Signed & Limited to 50pcs. Fits most frames sold at art, decor, and home supply stores. Ships in a tube via post. Delivey time aprox 2 weeks.

My alltime hero has always been Jacques-Yves Cousteau. A man who was curious enough to live the ultimate Life Aquatic and explore the seas of the world. After talking with people in France, I noticed that we in Finland are not alone with declining trout and salmon populations! Various species are dissapearing all over the world. Sea Bass, Tuna, Rose Fish, Eel, Shark, Rays...the list is endless really! We have to preserve our seas - preserve this planet. Not by dividing, but uniting. We can only make this planet liveable for our grandchildren by being one, not many! We've tried being many different countries, many leaders, many cultures, many religions, and it has always resulted in the same way for 5 000+ years  ...big problems! The world should live as one!